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Wed, 04/25/2012 - 8:11pm -- beaverrr

Here is a place to submit your ideas for new games or requests for your favorite games to be played on our next game day.

New game ideas: Give your game idea a name and describe the set-up, rules and special conditions, along with time limit or victory conditions. Think it through. How will teams deploy? Where? Relative size of teams (even or one larger than other)?

Game requests: Name the game and why you like it.

We will consider all requests and try to accomodate them whenever possible.


Submitted by beaverrr on

"Zombie Hunt" was great, last week. I think we will do that again. Check out my You-Tube video. Rules: Zombies must be hit in head, to be eliminated. Hunters are eliminated as normal. Hunters who are eliminated go to one of four respawn points, then re-enter game as zombies (on zombie team). We set a 20-minute time limit, with 5 zombies against about 20 hunters, and the game was over in 13 minutes.

"Prizes": New game idea. use short field. Place seven boxes (~6" cubes) along main pathway that divides the field. Objective: Players try to pick up boxes and run them back to a goal, at their respective starting points. A player may only pick up one box at a time. if a player carrying a box gets out, they place box on ground where they got hit. Players may throw boxes towards their goal 9but they will be light, so they won't go very far). Special rules: Eliminated players stand out of bounds, behind start locations, if they want to re-spawn. Three of the boxes will have special colors and a number from 1 - 3. If a player gets one of those in his team's goal, that player may select the number of players that was on the box (1-3) to re-enter the game, from his eliminated players. Victory conditions: Team with most boxes in their goal at the end of time limit wins. Time: 15 minutes?

"Control Fort Farside": New game idea. use full field. Teams start at two different locations, one a bit closer to Farside Fort than the other, and race for control of the fort. Victory conditions: Team in control of Farside Fort at end of game time limit (with at least one player inside the fort) wins. If no one is in the fort at end of game, it is a draw.

"Total Elimination, Full Field, Start at Short-field locations": We tried this last month and it worked very well, so I would like to run it again. Time: 15 minutes.

"Capture the Flag, Full Field, Start at Short-field locations": new game idea. This is like the one above, but with a flag that must be captured and run back to start location. flags are closer together at start than in previous games.

If anyone has other game ideas or requests, please post them here.


Submitted by jsheehan on

Talk with the city of Nashua about using Mines Falls for a major game. Charge admission and give the proceeds to the Nashua soup Kitchen or other worthy groups.

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